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Service monitoring & assurance for Amazon Connect

Continuously measure performance to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Trusted by customer-centric enterprises

Voice is the heart of how we connect.

Voice is back.

In the old contact center world, voice got a bad rap. Wait times, infinite loops, you name it. But that’s all changed.

Voice applications power a brave new world - one where customers are global and agents are nomadic, working from home, following the sun.
From transcription to translation, sentiment to biometrics, bots to voice assistants. The spoken word is powering today’s customer experience. But with the promise comes high stakes. It’s critical to have the tools to get it right.

Redefine the everyday experience for your agents and customers

Operata is designed to measure, optimise and maintain voice performance to deliver the best cloud contact centers. It’s built exclusively on AWS for Amazon Connect and the Cognitive CX suite.

Operata allows you to redefine the everyday experience for your agents and customers.
Darren Baker headshot
“A highly valuable toolset in measuring the performance at a network level and end-to-end — providing key metrics as to the customer and agent experience.”

Darren Baker


Network Engineering & Planning Senior Lead


Every second, every call, every agent, in real-time.

Continuous end to end performance monitoring from agent to customer and everything in between.

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Monitoring dashboard screen illustration
Monitoring dashboard screen illustration

CCaaS & Carrier

Monitor the CCaaS and carriers you rely on. Gain transparency into performance, utilization and cost.

Network & WebRTC

Understand real-time events, errors and performance data across your network network, WebRTC sessions and agent softphones.

Agent experience

Capture environmental data - browser, hardware, network and noise. Empower agents to resolve issues in their control.


Assure end-to-end performance for the best CX

A modern global testing suite – real calls, at cloud scale.

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Assurance dashboard screen illustration
Assurance dashboard screen illustration

Performance testing

Manage change and transform with confidence using real calls, on demand, at scale.

CX Baseline

Use global scores and regional variations to inform architecture and baseline expected performance.

CX Heartbeat

Continuously test your agents’ and customers’ actual experience, find issues early, view audio quality and compare trends over time.


Proactive answers & end-to-end observability

AI powered recommendations for performance improvement and problem resolution.

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Insights dashboard screen illustration
Insights dashboard screen illustration

Measure real ‘people experience’

At a glance CX and AX scores rate audio traversing your systems using ITU perceptual quality standards.

Surface suggested issues

Get prioritised, contextual recommendations based on precise findings so that that right people can verify, investigate and resolve.

Learn from billions of minutes

Large data sets and diverse sources drive baseline comparison Vs trends. Gain deep insights into health & areas for improvement

Powering performance for the best in CCaaS


Our customers keep singing our praises!

“Operata provided assurance that we could scale up safely and with confidence.”

Grant Sayer, CTO, HealthDirect Australia
Darren Baker Headshot

“A highly valuable toolset for providing key metrics as to the customer and agent experience”

Darren Baker, Network Eng & Planning, Snr Lead, Telstra

“With what came to light on our journey, Operata should be a given for every cloud telephony implementation.”

Rachel Southon, Technology & Delivery, Trustpower

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