Our Story

‘Software is eating the world communications’.

— Operata after Marc Andressen

Cloud communications is the future.

The flexibility and agility of cloud communications are helping business achieve new levels of capability, scalability and efficiency.

We have experienced this first hand ourselves, as Engineers, Service Managers and Ops Execs building, deploying and managing enterprise communications at scale. Cloud communications is the future.

But alongside these opportunities new challenges have emerged. Powering these API driven services has introduced operational drivers and risks; controlling costs, analysing performance, managing new SLAs and complex vendor ecosystems, data management and compliance obligations.

In our own Devops shops, these unmet needs were conspiring against us from adopting cloud communications at scale or impeding our ability to realise the full benefits.

This was when we realised specialist tools are needed to bridge these gaps to accelerate our own enterprise adoption.

Our Mission

At Operata our mission is to help businesses adopt new ways to communicate.

It’s about better connection.

And we are doing this by building the world’s first operations management platform for cloud communications.

Our Values

For us, better connection is something we live it means our own relationships with our people: customer, partners and our team:

Execute the why.
Grow with purpose.

Play the long game.
Build respect, value relationships.

Progress over perfection.
Act and iterate.

Be fearless.
Be empowered to innovate without fear.

We're customers too.
We solve the problems we have.

Impress yourself.
Do it because you think it is valuable.

Leave it better than we found it.
Use our knowledge to do some good.

Be thoughtful.
Think first, empathize, consider our impact.

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