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Supporting the fight against COVID-19

Operata is now free to non-for-profits leading COVID-19 projects.

On behalf of everyone at Operata, we want to share our deep appreciation for all those fighting so hard against this outbreak all over the world. 

To those many quiet heroes risking their wellbeing to support those in need and keep us all safe, thank you. 

There are also may people giving their time and energy building technology to help us navigate the unique challenges we face – like data analysis tools, contact tracing tools, marketplaces connecting people with work, sites for source protective equipment, and more. 

These contributions been inspiring us at Operata to do more. 

That why we are now offering Operata free of any charge to non-for-profit organisations leading COVID-19 projects.

If you are looking to implement voice applications or ramp up distributed contact centers required in this crisis and you would like our help, please reach out.

For inspiration on how Operata can be useful: 

  • Power retailer Origin Energy has accelerated their contact center migration to Amazon Connect in order to scale up their remote agents and deliver a distributed contact center with their team working from home. 
  • Health Direct, an agency of the Australian Federal Government is using Operata to monitor the performance and health of their Voice Applications that run the COVID-19 help line. This includes alerting for any performance issues and dashboards call completion and congestion rates. 

Finally, to all those around the world who’ve lost family members and those whose health has been threatened, to all those who are caring and worrying for others in need, and to all businesses that are struggling to stay afloat, we are with you. We care deeply, please reach out if we can help in any way. 

We are concerned but remain positive, we believe in better days ahead and know we’ll get there together. 

Stay safe, kia kaha.

John, Andy & Romilly
Co-founders, Operata

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