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Operata Operata

Performance & Customer Experience Monitoring for Cloud Contact Centers

Benchmark, analyse and continuously improve your CX.

The simplicity and power of Amazon Connect works across a dynamic operating environment to connect customers and agents.

With multiple providers, network types, security, operating systems, browsers, software, headsets and more, the pace of change is constant. Monitoring, testing and optimising this new world is critical to the successful delivery and ongoing quality of your Amazon Connect contact centre.

That’s why there is Operata. Operata is the only end-to-end experience management platform developed specifically for Amazon Connect. Operata continually gathers information across the end-to-end environment, every interaction, for every customer and every agent, everywhere.

It collects data in five key areas:

  • 1 Continuous collection of network metrics from the Agent's softphone.
  • 2 Agent subjective feedback on call quality.
  • 3 Comparison of audio at multiple points on the call path using ITU standards (POLQA).
  • 4 Performance data from agent headsets
  • 5 Results from call load simulations
  • Operata brings multiple data sources together to provide correlated quality insights, learning service quality norms to better understand issues, automate actions and provide the details to resolve issues quickly or focus improvements. It’s built for agents in contact centres, home workers, contact centre managers and the IT teams that support them.

    Darren Baker

    Network Engineering & Planning - Senior Lead, Telstra.
    “Operata proved to be a highly valuable toolset in measuring the performance of our pilot program with Amazon Connect at both a network level and end-to-end - providing key metrics as to the customer and agent experience."

    Operata is a simple to deploy SaaS service, available globally — wherever Amazon Connect is.

    How it Works

    Operata continuously collects audio performance data, learns then acts to improve quality.

    Collect - Gathers data from four independent data points to give the best possible performance insight.

    Learn - Data is processed and interpreted in real time, measuring and learning to improve.

    Act - Operata takes action – making decisions, enacting workflows, running tests, recommending solutions and triggering events, including invoking Operata Apps.

    Operata chats to the Agent, notifying resolutions and verifying fixes via qualitative & quantitative data collection.

    For Agents

    Get a view of the Network performance critical to the delivery of every day services. Move visibility to the end-user.

    For Contact Center Managers

    Understand the experience your agents and customers are having — challenge your organisations network teams.

    For C-Suite

    Get visibility of quality and performance impacting your agents and customers. In real time.

    For IT Support

    Capture root cause data, visualise and analyse problems and speed support resolution.

    Key Benefits

    Deploy with complete confidence

    Launch with the knowledge your environment is performant and that the impact of future change is mitigated.

    Speed time-to-value for your Connect investment

    With detailed real time performance data, CX teams can understand and manage potential issues sooner and ensure high quality end-to-end delivery.

    Happy customers, great conversations

    Continuously sample all customer calls. Capture every call, measure audio quality and key metrics to map service performance trends over time.

    Drive positive NPS & CSAT

    Capture agent feedback and test data at the call level. Identify specific root causes and communicate proactively to increase the quality of customer experience.

    Benchmark and optimise end-to-end performance

    Measure & monitor service network providers quality at site-level. Gain full insights to resolve issues across the end-to-end operating environment.

    Enhance Agent Experience and CX

    Know exactly what your customers are experiencing. Measure actual performance by combining objective testing using POLQA, synthetic tests and subjective agent scoring.

    AIOps visualisations for IT teams

    Access powerful dashboards, gain knowledge of your service performance, understand vendor quality across networks and cloud investments.

    Built for continuous deployment

    Fully programmable, Operata supports DevOps best practice by monitoring the impact of change and driving continuous improvement.

    AWS Select Technology Partner

    Operata partnership with AWS ensures our customers experience a simple, rapid deployment anywhere Amazon Connect is.

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